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Packaging Consumables

Packaging Consumables

A variety of packaging consumables for all kinds of application.

Syspex's compressed wood pallets are ISPM 15 exempt from treatment as they are created using glue, heat, and pressure. Compressed wood pallets are recognized worldwide as complying with ISPM 15 and the vast majority of countries readily accept the pallets without the need for further treatment.

Plastic pallets are easy to sanitize, have longer service life span, and are lightweight

Pallet Lid is the most secure, versatile, and cost-effective method of securing the load on a pallet. No banding or stretch wrap is required.

Highly stretchable plastic film wrapped around palletized goods to keep items tightly bound

Ultra-High-Performance Stretch Film or Nano stretch film is an extraordinary stretch wrap film with high elasticity plastic material used to wrap around goods or products to secure them on the pallets (whilst protecting them from dust, dirt, and moisture).

Water-activated tape (also known as gummed tape, gum tape, Kraft tape, paper tape, reinforced tape etc) is designed to create a superior seal on your corrugated cartons

Holds and protects all kinds of documents; packing slips, invoices, warranty information, operation instructions, wiring diagrams and manifest logs
For applications where tension recovery and high strap performance are important
Custom-made to suit the requirements of the various industries and various brands of strapping equipment
Use less material , less weight and less storage space without compromising product protection
Protect, strengthen and support products during handling operations
Highly adaptable protective "mattress" gives you secure shipping protection for a wide range of products, from fragile glassware, precision electronics to automotive spare parts
Available in various sizes and thickness designed to secure loose products
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Industrial Absorbent Pads for spill control, soak up spills and leaks fast. Designed to absorb and retain large amounts of liquids, oils, and chemicals.

Ensure the safe transportation of fragile items and monitor whether a package was subjected to shock during transport
Detect different levels of humidity acceptable to a particular product

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