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    The advantages of PAPERplus® for protective packaging:

    • Variety of products: Individual solutions from many pad styles and papers
    • Superior: Above average cushioning effect and crush resistance
    • Efficient: Pleating technology for maximum use of material
    • Reliable: Sophisticated technology for dependable production
    • Ergonomics: Touch pad controls, foot pedals, and noise reduction features
    • Image: Paper presents an image bonus with end-users
    • Environment: FSC® certified paper, no coated paper

    Types of paper pads:

    Always the right solution. Storopack offers four types of paper padding. PAPERplus® Classic is a dense paper mattress with multi-layer structure.


    • PAPERplus® Chevron has the form of a pleated paper tube.


    • PAPERplus® Papillon consists of two 8 inch wide layers of paper.


    • PAPERplus® Shooter is a flat, lightly structured paper mattress.


    The application options of the different types of paper pads are explained on the following pages. This includes information about machine types and types of paper.


    Paper types: Quality and Reliability

    Storopack ensures continuous high-quality paper and reliable delivery for PAPERplus® through long-term partnerships with manufacturers.


    All paper is FSC® certified and originates from responsible forest management.


    Storopack does not use coated paper.

    PAPERplus® Classic performance:

    Protects heavy weights

    • extremely high density and resilience
    • for packaging of heavy products
    • example: Engine parts
    • example: medical devices





    Storopack will advise you on how the paper padding is to be used for your particular application. Below are two examples.

    • Cushion with PAPERplus® Classic

    Protective cushioning can be achieved by rolling up two paper mattresses into a “snail”. First, place one of the rolled up paper pads into the empty carton and place the goods to be packaged on top of this. Then place the second snail on top. The goods to be packaged sink into the bottom cushion and press against the top padding when the carton is closed. The result is overall protection.


    The “Coiler“ attachment produces ready-to-use coils at the push of a button.


    • Block and Brace with PAPERplus® Classic

    To block and brace a product, fill the voids by placing the paper mattresses alongside and on top of the item.


    Or cross two long paper mattresses diagonally in the bottom of the carton, then place the item on top of the paper and fold the ends of the paper over the item.

    Paper Roll Sizes & Quality

     Paper Qualities  Basis Weight  Color   Type   Roll Length In Feet 
    Paper Plus Classic 30/30/30 Kraft 3 Ply 450
    Paper Plus Classic 30/30 Kraft 2 Ply 900
     Paper Plus Classic 30/30 Kraft 2 Ply 1350
     Paper Plus Classic 30/50/30 Kraft 3 Ply 900
    Paper Plus Classic 40 Kraft 1 Ply 1800
    Paper Plus Classic 40/40 Kraft 2 Ply 900
    Paper Plus Classic 40/40 Kraft 2 Ply 1300
    Paper Plus Classic 50/50 Kraft 2 Ply 900
    Paper Plus Classic 50/50 Kraft 2 Ply 1200
    Paper Plus Classic 60 Kraft 1 Ply 900
     Paper Plus Classic GE 35/40 Kraft 2 Ply 918
     Paper Plus Classic GE 40 Kraft 1 Ply 1800
     Paper Plus Classic GE 55 Kraft 1 Ply 1066

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