Avoid Injuries Associated with Forklift: Addressing Forklift Blind Spots

Workplace Safety & Protection / 19 Jan 2024
Forklift accidents have been the top reported accidents in many countries. The most common forklift accidents include tipping, loads falling, knocking over pedestrians and collisions. Among forklift collision accidents, many of them occurred due to blind spots where the forklift…


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Avoid Injuries Associated with Forklift: Addressing Forklift Blind Spots

Workplace Safety & Protection / 19 Jan 2024
Forklift accidents have been the top reported accidents in many countries. The most common forklift accidents include tipping, loads falling, knocking over pedestrians and collisions. Among forklift collision accidents, many of them occurred due to blind spots where the forklift…

Common Shrink Wrap Problems and How to Resolve Them

Flexible & Display Packaging / 04 Apr 2022
If you shrink wrap your products, you are likely to be bothered by at least one of the shrink wrapping problems. For example, torn seals, wrinkles, burn holes, or excessive film. These issues not only affect your product outlook but…

Budget & CAPEX cannot stop you!

Rental / 08 May 2020
It is not easy when businesses have to juggle between the decision on cost-cutting or improving productivity, especially during these times. The budget freeze, the labour shortage, while at the same time, you need to push up the sales. Businesses,…

Shrink Film VS BOPP Film: Which is right for me?

Flexible & Display Packaging / 26 Oct 2022
Chances are, if you click on this article, you are either Using one of the films mentioned Scratching your head in deciding which film you should be using You have come to the right article, and here I will be…

Tips for Workplace Safety

Workplace Safety & Protection / 31 Dec 2021
Work-related injuries or illnesses can be severe or even fatal. According to Singapore Workplace Safety and Health Council (WSH), there were 11,350 workplace injuries in 2020. This statistic means, among 100,000 workers, there will be 344 people who get injured, whether it…

Guide To Choose The Right Pallet

Product Securing & Damage Prevention / 15 Apr 2020
The Pallet is a flat transport structure that supports goods in a stable fashion while being lifted by a forklift, stacker or pallet jack. The Benefit of Pallet:- By understanding the benefits that pallets bring, it will be crucial also to understand what kind…

Cost Saving with Lumiqs Intelligent LED Lights

Warehousing / 05 Jan 2022
Energy costs are routinely one of the biggest overheads faced by any business, with lighting often accounting for up to 40% of the total electricity spent. Hence, LED lights are one of the popular options that businesses use to reduce energy costs…

Manual Labelling is NOT Efficient!

Counting, Coding & Labelling / 10 Jan 2022
The demand for labelling is huge due to an increasing need for labelling in the logistics chain and consumer packaging. Most products need to apply bar codes, prices, shipping addresses or product information for easier product management and identification. However,…

How to convince your company to use Paper Gum Tape

Sustainability / 22 Dec 2022
Box-sealing with adhesive tapes is a process that cannot be eliminated, even today. It has been more critical than ever before, with the boom of E-commerce and rising market requirements. If we ask any company what tapes they use to…

Why The Future Of Packaging Is Automation

Automation / 22 Dec 2022
Packaging automation is an emerging technology that will change the way companies send out their products. Packaging automation will enable companies to enhance the customer experience, improve stockroom efficiency, and provide improved revenue management. The transition to packaging automation in…

Do you know these areas are dangerous in your workplace?

Workplace Safety & Protection / 07 Nov 2022
There are more than 21,000 workplace injuries reported in 2021. You may or may not be aware of many areas in your workplace that are dangerous. Here is a guide that emphasizes the dangerous areas in your workplace and how…

What light should you use for your factory streetlight?

Warehousing / 20 Jan 2022
Streetlight is one of the inventions that make our life so much better. It provides us with better vision and improves safety at night for driving and walking. We need streetlights around the housing area, highway and even industrial settings…

COVID-19: We shall PREVAIL over this pandemic

News / 24 Mar 2020
Dear Customer, We’re With You! Due to the recent outbreak of Covid-19 globally, we have been receiving tremendous amount of concerns from you. The anxiety of the continuity of stocks and services are troubling you and we want to assure you that we…

How to save Electricity Costs and be Sustainable?

Warehousing / 07 Sep 2022
As we all know, electricity cost is getting higher now we need lighting in our warehouse, workshops or cold rooms. Lights are often not switched off in these areas, leading to an increase in electricity bills and also causing an…

How To Prevent Package Theft During Shipping?

Product Securing & Damage Prevention / 10 Apr 2020
If you are in the e-commerce business and selling products online, or even thinking about venturing into this field, you will face one unique challenge, particularly in shipping. If you took a guess and you shouted “THEFT” onto your screen…

Are you using the right Pallet Racking System?

Warehousing / 25 Mar 2021
Warehouse Racking Systems A warehouse racking system is a type of material handling system used for the mass storage of goods that are placed on pallets. Manufacturers use it for inventory control and mass storage of raw materials or finished…

How To Prevent Strain Injury For Heavy Lifting?

Material Handling Equipment / 03 Mar 2022
Many businesses often experience similar issues where their employees face ergonomic problems. The most common ergonomic injury reported is Repetitive Strain Injury (RSI). RSI is caused by: How do you know whether your employees have RSI? If you are wondering whether…

How Vacuum Packing Can Extend The Shelf Life of Fresh Food

Flexible & Display Packaging / 10 Jun 2020
Shelf Life of Fresh Food Extending the shelf life of fresh food has quite been a primary cause for the food industry, especially for raw food supplies. Some fresh foods that need shelf life extensions are meat, fish, vegetables, ham,…

Shrink Wrap vs Vacuum Packing

Flexible & Display Packaging / 08 Jan 2022
Shrink wrapping and vacuum packaging are both types of flexible display packaging; hence, they can be confusing for some of us who are not in the packaging industry. In this blog, we would like to discuss the similarities, differences, and…

Which is right for you? Strapping Band or Stretch Film?

Product Securing & Damage Prevention / 22 Dec 2022
Packaging is needed whether you want to unitise, palletise or pack your products. In the end, some options are vastly used and are available for you to choose from. These include Strapping Band and Stretch Film. The above application uses…

A Sustainable Alternative that saves you 50% of Stretch Wrap Costs

Sustainability / 12 May 2023
Many managers have been scratching their heads, looking for solutions to cut their packaging costs, as it can have a significant impact on their bottom line. However, as easy as it sounds, they also need to balance the cost-cutting efforts…

Manual Wrapping V.S Stretch Wrapping Machines

Product Securing & Damage Prevention / 13 Apr 2020
Wrapping is part of every end of a manufacturing (minus freight and delivery) process. It’s almost an inevitable process that you must go through; it doesn’t matter if you are sending 1 pallet or 100 pallets a day. From operators to…

Tips To Save Cost Of Wrapping Stretch Film

Product Securing & Damage Prevention / 16 Apr 2020
Stretch Wrapping Film, also known as Plastic Wrap, is an elastic and highly stretchable plastic film that is used to wrap around goods. It is also this elastic recovery that keeps products tightly bound and protected. One of its primary functionality…

How to cut costs on Stretch Wrapping: Stretch Wrapping ROI Calculator

Product Securing & Damage Prevention / 22 Aug 2022
Many businesses are trying to cut costs without affecting their production. And stretch wrapping is one of the essentials for end-of-line packaging. You might believe that stretch wrapping manually save costs, but that’s not true. In fact, you are most…

Facing Unprecedented Shortage of Wooden Pallets? What You Should Do?

Product Securing & Damage Prevention / 27 Mar 2020
Unprecedented Wooden Material shortage is coming around the world. The price of traditional wooden pallets has also increased recently across South East Asia. Timber shortage is more and more severe. The shortage of timber has impacted who are those using…

Why you need Shrink Film more than you think

Flexible & Display Packaging / 23 Jul 2020
Shrink Film, Stretch Film, Shrink Wrap, Stretch Wrap. Aren’t all these the same? Despite commonly hearing people interchanging this term for the same purpose, it is not true at all. Let us debunk some of the misconceptions that’s lingering around.…

How to avoid Video Conference fatigue

News / 22 May 2020
If you are not part of the front-liners and essential service workers, chances are you might be an expert in the video conferencing tool by now. It doesn’t matter you are using Zoom, Microsoft Teams, Webex, Google Meet, or any…