Together, we come with a meaningful purpose to create a HAPPY working environment. A HELPING business catered towards all stakeholders – customers, suppliers, and colleagues, bringing them great success and fulfilment and an enriching lifestyle with good values of HONESTY, HEALTH, and HUMBLE.




Windee Cheah

Meet Windee, Syspex Penang’s Business Development Manager. With 8 years at Syspex, Windee has had the opportunity to learn and grow alongside a fantastic team. As she said, if you’re looking to join a big family and take on a new challenge, Syspex might be the perfect fit for you.


Meet Haizam, Syspex’s Senior Service Engineer who’s been with the company for over a decade. Though he finds technical sales and getting new customers the most challenging, he’s motivated by his supervisor’s positive energy and the friendly environment of Syspex, which he calls his family.

Andy Goh

Experience the dynamic world of supply chain management alongside Andy – from sourcing to shipping, every day is filled with excitement and challenges. Join him in an environment where ideas flow freely and teamwork flourishes. At Syspex, happiness, honesty, and health are cherished values that foster a positive work atmosphere. For Andy, it’s not just a job; it’s a meaningful journey of growth and impact. Don’t miss out on being a part of Syspex’s thriving success story!

Ivy Lim

Ivy, who is in charge of import/export at Syspex Johor Bahru, shares her experience of joining the company and her challenges. However, her colleagues encouraged and supported her, which helped her overcome the difficulties. She is grateful for the care and support provided by the top management, especially when they addressed her concerns in a survey.

Wen Choo

Ready to be inspired? Meet Wen Choo, the go-getter Customer Service Assistant Manager at Syspex! Join her on a journey of leadership, collaboration, and a thriving company culture at Syspex. See how transparency and support made a difference in her life, and get ready to embrace challenges and unleash your creativity. Don’t miss this exciting tale of success and growth! Let’s dive in together!


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