Syspex offers the most comprehensive suite of packaging and warehousing solutions in the industry.

Helping our partners maximize resources, improving efficiency and increasing profit, Syspex offers consultancy services to review current packaging process, re-engineer packaging design, and evaluate materials to achieve more economical and environmental friendly ways of packaging.


Prior to all the services we provide, we are here to give you a solution, address all your concerns, and pursue a helping business in Syspex.


These are but a few packaging re-engineering projects that we’ve embarked on for our clients:


  • Packaging Automation Process
  • Material Testing and Evaluation
  • New Method of Packaging & Protection of finish goods


Green Packaging

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Sustainability solutions for packaging and warehousing, including sustainable packaging materials, sustainable alternative packaging, and technology to help reduce environmental impact for a safer and sustainable world.

Workplace safety solutions include cutting-edge safety equipment and technology to ensure a safe working environment and promote safety and well-being for a better, safer workplaces.

For companies who do not wish to make long term capital asset investments, we provide rental solutions, customised to specific customer requirements and yielding these benefits:


  • Up-to-date technology
  • No capital investment
  • No inappropriate investment on equipment
  • Flexibility to meet day-to-day production needs
  • Reduce downtime in operations
  • No maintenance cost

Responding to the needs of our partners by studying each and every unique requirement meticulously, Syspex conducts in-depth analysis and carefully implements a customized and fully-automated system that integrates a full range of end-of-the-line packaging machinery into a seamless process from production to warehouse.


With over 30 years of experience in providing quality packaging and processing equipment and machinery, we are confident to say we are well equipped with the world’s automation and engineering ever-changing needs.


Being a system integrator, we provide holistic solutions for your automation line by using technology to improve the speed, performance; as well as optimization of labour-saving devices, equipment and systems at the unit, line, plant and enterprise levels thereby reducing labour cost and increasing productivity in your workplace.

Syspex ensures that all equipment is constantly and consistently performing at its best. With a regional network of 10 regional offices  across 3 countries and a team of more than 80 technical engineers, we are certain and can guarantee a strong aftersales support and servicing. Our skilled technical support specialists are competent in attending to all technical issues and providing maintenance services tailored to your needs.


We take pride in assisting our partners not only during the project phase but all throughout the machines’ operational life.

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