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Dunnage Air Bags

Dunnage Air Bags

The dunnage air bags will be fitted into the gaps or void between the cargo and then carefully filled with air. The air bag will safety secure your cargo during transit, by preventing movement and absorbing impacts.


Kraft Paper Dunnage Air Bag protect the cargo from sliding, falling, tilting and other forces. 

Polypropylene PP Woven Dunnage Air Bags can be used for light and medium heavy weights and they can absorb most of the forces encountered during transportation

3D Woven PP Dunnage Airbags - To fill gaps bigger than 500mm between your cargo units can become a hard challenging issue. Our woven 3D - PP Dunnage Air Bags protect your cargo from sliding , falling or tilting. 

This special tool is designed for the MEGA FLOW valve which is available for all  Syspex dunnage air bags. This fully proved system, that eliminated operator error, can fill your dunnage air bag 30 to 40% faster than any other compressed air filling system!

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