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    Technical Specifications

    Galvanized Wire Buckles good for our Composite and Hot-Melt strapping

    These galvanized wire buckles are protected from corrosion, sea water and other climatic threats. They are designed for easy threading and to deliver the ultimate in high load performance.

    Phosphated Wire Buckles another special design for our woven strapping

    These phosphated wire buckles has been made in our factory for many years and has been performing without any problems ever since.


    The special coating / treading makes the wire surface more blunt, an effect which is very useful to prevent the strapping belt from slipping. It also protects the material from wear and helps prevent galling. Special for our woven PES belts phosphated buckles are recommended.

    Nitrated Wire Buckles universal best performance for all belts

    The nitrated buckles are quite blunt too, but more protective to the belts surface. In fact, we always get the best test results with nitrated buckles. They deliver the best in high load performance and handling. Like all our buckles they are fully automated produced in our factory and have an excellent price / performance ratio.

    Forged Metal Buckles

    Forged like a horseshoe and without welded points whichmight break under too heavy force. Our in house made forged buckles are made of high quality steels and are optimal protection against corrosion. The complex and expensive manufacture procedure guaranties highest quality and extreme strong attributes. There are no strapping challenges you can not conquer with these forged buckles.

    Flat Stamped Buckles

    OEMSERV’s all new flat stamped buckles are a good and inexpencive alternative to forged or welded metal buckels. In many applications, especially inside containers, the strength of flat stamped buckles ( 2 to 3 tons ) is sufficient.

    Metal Lashing Buckles heavy duty welded buckles

    These metal buckles and hooks we are pr0ducing in our own factory for several years and they have become a standard product for strapping and lashing systems.


    They all have been developed and improved for the last years and permanent tested and we have got several test certifications and approvals like from


    • DB ( German railway ), .
    • Germanischer Lloyd,- TÜV and others.

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