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Shrink Wrap Machines

Shrink Wrap Machines

Tightly bind products together for clean, stable and protective packaging in less time.

Pratika 56: the excellence amongst wrapping machines

Achieve a horizontal sealing exactly in the middle of the product (CS stands for CENTER SEALING) through the movement of the whole sealing head.

Pratika 56 MPE: the user friendly wrapping machine.

Pratika 56 MPE Reverse: wrapping machine with double hatch.

Pratika 56 MPE Reverse Inox: the steel wrapping machine.

Pratika 56-T MPS: beyond the limit of shrink wrap machines

Pratika 80-T MPS: the wrapping machine for continuous sealing

Ecomodular: the wider wrapping machine in the sector.

Modular 50S: a flexible and handy wrapping machine

Modular 50S Steel IT: the best for food and pharmaceutical packaging

Modular 70: the flexibile and user friendly shrink wrap machine.

Media: efficient and versatile monoblock wrapping machine.

Media Steel IT: the compact wrapping machine made of stainless steel.

Minima Evo: the small and flexible shrink wrap machine

FM75 EVO: all the innovation by minipack®-torre in a wrapping machine.

FM76 EVO: heir of the innovative chamber packaging machines by minipack®-torre.

Replay 40 EVO: among the most competitive chamber machines on the market.

Replay 55 EVO: the compact and affordable chamber machine.

Synthesis Inox: the chamber machine for food packaging.

FM76A EVO: chamber packaging machine with innovative electronic components.

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