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    Pneumatic strapping tensioner

    This pneumatic tensioner can be used for woven polyester strapping and for composite strapping belts from 9-32mm width. The strong, bi-directional pneumatic motor pulls up to 800 KG/F. The strapping cutter knife is included in the tool, theblade is made fro special hardened steel.

    Tensioner S-25 , S-35 and S-50

    The market of tensioner is already overflown with cheap models made in China. Our tensioner are made in China too, but it contains advanced German engineering and knowledge. While most of the cheap models are based on a ratchet system our tensioner is equipped with two anti cycling one-way bearings. These bearings make the tensioner more durable and easy to handle, as less force is needed during the tensioning. The special designed bracket shoe is made for all our strapping systems. High quality composite will be protected. The integrated stainless steel cutter will easily cut any belt.

    Ratchet R 50 XXL

    Heavy-duty challenges needs heavy-duty tools. The R 50 XXL Ratchet is made for tensioning big and strong belts. This ratchet type tensioner can be used for any kind of strapping system of 25 to 50 mm width. The design of these big tools is made to be as light weighted as possible and the wide tension angle gives you maximum tensioning strength at minimum force.

    Universal Bracket for Ratchets

    Combine any standard ratchet with our, in house manufactured
    universal belt bracket, to a very powerful tension tool. The inexpensive ratchet can easily be changed when defective
    or worn out. The belt clamp of the bracket is extremely durable. Here we have created an inexpensive but valuable combo.


    • Economic solution
    • Bracket extremely durable
    • Bracket fits to many standard ratchets
    • Fast and easy to change the ratchet
    • for belts types up to 50mm

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