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    Quick Start Up (just 45 seconds)


    Runs PP strap from 5mm – 15.5mm (200mm core) without change parts


    Torque Mode (for stronger tension, or to strap springy packs) or


    Stroke Tension (for delicate packs)


    Tension up to 450N (45.9kgf)


    Compact: W780mm x D540mm x H777mm (with work guides)


    Table Height: 752mm


    Quiet: Only 57 dB


    Light: Only 56kg


    Energy efficient: Only 0.25Kw


    Min Pack Size W100 x H30mm


    Minimal moving parts (easy to maintain, low operation cost)


    Tool-free access to frequently accessed areas (easy maintenance)


    All electric components in enclosed cabinet on one side of the machine (easy maintenance)


    Can be supplied with side and rear panels


    Support Plates to stabilise taller packs, leaflets or banknotes


    Adjustable Legs to adjust table height from 755 – 925mm (not available with side and rear panels)


    Dimension Width 780 mm 30-3/4 in.
    Height 775 mm(with work guide) 30-1/2 in.(with work guide)
    Depth 543 mm 21-3/8 in.
    Weight 56 kg. 124 lbs.
    Table Height 750 mm 29-1/2 in.
    Min. Package Size W 100 X H 30 mm W 3-7/8 X H 1-1/8 in.
    Joint / Strap/ Coil heat seal / polypropylene

    ID 200 or 230 X W 200 mm

    heat seal / polypropylene

    8 X 8 or 9 X 8 in.

    Strap Width / Thickness 5, 6,9,12 (15.5) mm /0.45-0.7mm 1/4,3/8,1/2 (5/8) in./ 0.017-0.027 in.
    Strap Tension Max. 500 N (51 kgf) or 150mm stroke Max. 112 lbsf. or 6″ stroke
    Power Supply 100-120, 200-240 V 1 Phase 50 / 60 Hz 0.25 kW

    iQ-400 Semi Auto Strapping Machine

    The iQ-400 Semi Auto Strapping Machine is a durable and heavy-duty strapping machine designed to withstand various harsh environments.


    The iQ-400 Semi Auto Strapping Machine is yet amazingly quiet to operate and well suited for office use also.


    The iQ-400 Semi Auto Strapping Machine has less moving parts, which makes it easy to maintain and keeps the operation cost low.


    The iQ-400 Semi Auto Strapping Machine runs strap from 5 millimeters to 15.5 millimeters (5/8 inches) without additional parts.


    All electric parts are arranged in one side of the machine, enclosed in the cabinet, for easy maintenance and protection of crucial parts.


    The torque tension mode is suitable for stronger tension or to strap compressible packages, while the stroke tension mode is best for soft tension or quick operation.


    Tool-free access to frequently accessed areas for easy maintenance.


    Hinged tables are easy to remove for daily maintenance.

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