Manual Wrapping V.S Stretch Wrapping Machines

Product Securing & Damage Prevention / 13 Apr 2020

Wrapping is part of every end of a manufacturing (minus freight and delivery) process. It’s almost an inevitable process that you must go through; it doesn’t matter if you are sending 1 pallet or 100 pallets a day.

From operators to the plant manager, you know the importance of stretch wrap (some may mistakenly call it “Shrink Wrap”, which we will explain in more detail in the future post). Some do it for the dust protection, some do it for water protection, and some do it for load securing.

Now, we have all agreed on the importance of stretch wrap to each of us. There is only one more thing that determines the reason why we should use a machine to wrap our product or use the goods on hand to do so. The main reason behind that is EFFICIENCY. As the saying goes, Efficiency equals Productivity, and Productivity equals Money. Nothing makes more sense than to save more money or to earn more money, ain’t it?

We will examine the differences between hand-wrapping a pallet load and another using a stretch wrap machine. We’ll demonstrate why stretch wrap machines are the best option for companies that package a multitude of products and need to do so quickly.


Are they really more efficient?

Stretch wrap machines dramatically improve efficiency in a warehouse-type setting. These machines cut packaging time in half, effectively doubling the amount of packaging a person could do by hand. Thus, most operations should invest in a minimum semi-automatic stretch wrap machines.

In another comparison, a machine will ensure continuous operation at a consistent speed versus manual wrapping. Even superman needs to rest once in a while; what more general labour in your operation? When consistency is there, you can be sure that your wrapping output is easily monitored and your brand’s quality of protection is ensured.


So now you know higher efficiency will definitely be there when you invest in a machine. But why does everyone says that investing in a stretch wrapper and save money? Where does the money-saving come from?

How a machine saves you money

To explain where the money comes from, let me explain a little bit about this material that is lying all around in your warehouse.

Stretch film is an incredibly durable material, so it’s optimal for packaging purposes. People in the packaging industry know that using stretch film is unavoidable; however, warehouse workers are the ones in control of the amount of plastic they use.

Typically, warehouse employees want to wrap a package as securely as possible, so they will usually use an excessive amount of stretch film to ensure this. This is wasteful and not eco-friendly. Stretch wrap machines are beneficial because they can prevent excessive stretch film waste. You can calibrate stretch wrap machines to use the precise amount of stretch film depending on the package size. Not only is this better for the environment, but it’s more cost-effective for companies, too.

Another reason a machine will save you a huge amount of money from your stretch film purchase is Pre-Stretch Technology. I will be going into detail on how pre-stretch works and how it gives not only savings to the company but also to secure your load much more in future posts. As you make a decision on the machine, you can always contact our trained consultants to advise you on the right machine that is suitable for your operations.

Here at SYSPEX, our goal is to help warehouses increase productivity. These wrapping machines will save companies money so that they can invest in other areas of business growth. Our state-of-the-art stretch wrap machines come equipped with RConnect technology, which allows workers to monitor and control the equipment from their smartphones. These wrapping machines are incredibly cost-effective, and they’re definitely worth the investment.

For the reasons outlined above, we hope we have demonstrated that stretch wrap machines are a much better option than hand-wrapping packages. These devices use state-of-the-art technology that can accurately determine how much stretch film has to be used. This machinery saves businesses money and helps make warehouses eco-friendlier. Let our friendly consultants at SYSPEX help make your warehouse more productive today.

SYSPEX has a complete range of Stretch Wrapping Packaging Solutions for you!

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