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EP F4 Electric Pallet Truck 1.5T 

Normal Price RM8,000  


Introducing the F4 Electric Pallet Truck, EP’s versatile solution for diverse applications. With a unique two-battery slot design, it adapts seamlessly to various work settings. Benefit from 30%-40% shipping savings and choose between one or two batteries for optimal flexibility, making it the cost-effective choice for light to heavy duties.

Robopac Masterplat Plus

Normal Price RM42,000  


Discover the Robopac Masterplat Plus, the cutting-edge Turntable Pallet Wrapper combining Ecoplat features with Rotoplat performance. Enjoy benefits like 250% Fixed Pre-stretch, cost-effectiveness, superior pallet stabilization, and a user-friendly panel for easy operation. Elevate your wrapping efficiency today.

Semi-Auto Strapping Machine

Secure and stabilize packages efficiently with our Strapping Machine. Increase productivity, minimize packaging costs, and ensure your products arrive intact, and ready for distribution.

Semi-Auto Strapping Machine

Boost packaging speed and flexibility with our Battery Operate Strapping Hand Tool. Easily and securely strap items on the go, reducing manual effort and ensuring a reliable packaging solution.

Automatic Labeling Machine

Elevate your packaging process with our Automatic Labeling Machine. Designed for versatile applications above or to the side, this machine ensures accurate label placement, enhancing efficiency and productivity. Streamline your workflow and achieve professional-looking packages effortlessly.

Carton Sealer Machine

Expedite your packing process with precision using our Carton Sealer Machine. Achieve a professional seal on cartons, enhance efficiency, and ensure secure packaging for shipping.

Paper Gummed Tape Dispenser

Seal packages effectively with our Paper Gummed Tape Dispenser. Enhance eco-friendly packaging solutions, increase adhesion, and secure parcels with ease.

High Bay LED Lighting

Illuminate your workspace efficiently with our Intelligent High Bay LED Light. Enhance visibility, reduce energy costs, and create a well-lit environment for improved productivity and safety.

Hand Pallet Truck

Improve warehouse operations with our Hand Pallet Truck. Easily transport and maneuver heavy loads, reducing strain on workers and enhancing overall material handling efficiency.

ProMover Heavy Duty Hand Trolley

Navigate through your workspace quietly and efficiently with our ProMover Heavy Duty Hand Trolley. Move heavy items effortlessly, reducing noise and ensuring a smooth material handling process.

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