HVLS Fan, Myth or Truth? Is this Big Fan worth the Hype?

Warehousing / 03 Dec 2020

It’s been a crazy year with the inception of covid-19 globally. Workplace requirement has changed drastically, and with that requirement for proper airflow as well. With lesser people can work in a confined space due to the distancing requirement, companies are looking into redesigning the workplace for better flexibility for any changes in the future.

Safety concerns are in large


As HVLS fans become more commercialized and common in the market, it’s getting more attention than it used to. When it first introduced in our region, specifically the Asia Pacific, this big fan is iconized as a luxurious addition to the building. Things are beginning to change over the years, and now it has become a symbol of the necessity of a large space building. Many companies are beginning to buy these fans for improving the workplace environment and the comfort of their employees.

Though HVLS Fan may look like a simple fan with enlarged wings, it is not easy to design and manufacture a reliable, long-lasting, and safe gigantic fan. This is a determining factor to differentiate a subpar fan to the premium ones.

For example, HUNTER HVLS fans are designed with safety as a priority. HUNTER knows that human is a creatures of mistakes that is unpreventable, and accidents do happen sometimes. With that in mind, HUNTER HVLS fans are manufactured with industrial-grade material and safety protocols to ensure that the fan is safe even in the event of direct impact with the fan. The video below is a real-world test conducted by HUNTER HVLS Fan to demonstrate a real-world scenario where an accidental impact may occur.


Where can I fully utilize this fan?

Though this fan was commercialized to be used in public spaces, this big fan is not limited to such usage. Below are many purposes of HVLS fans in industrial settings.

One of the most common industrial usages is a warehouse. This environment consists of many workers on the floor, usually doing the final packing in a dedicated location and transfers of finished goods from one point to another.

A typical warehouse would install an industrial wall fan over the working space of the workers. However, this is not always the best if

  • The warehouse is huge with no pillars for mounting of the fan
  • The workers are not placed along the walls of the warehouse.

HVLS fan, on the other hand, will not be conformed to such limitation as it is placed high above the ground. A single HVLS fan can cover an area up to 54,000 sqft, equivalent to about 7 basketball courts with one single fan.

Livestock’s comfort has shown to be the key factor in improving the output of their production (milk, egg, etc.) For example, a dairy farm may have upwards of 500 cows placed in barns during their inactive period where the heat will soar during the mid-day. Farm owners usually place movable industrial fans are around the barn or implementing water-spray on the roof of the barn to cool it down. But both of these methods incur a high utility bill, and high maintenance usually comes with it.

By adding an HVLS fan into the barn, it can cool down a large area in the barn, while, at the same time, with almost no maintenance required on the fan.

Besides all the benefits of cooling to the premises and building, one of the most important addition HVLS fan can provide is air circulation. As covid-19 continues to be a threat to us, HVLS fan has become an ally to move the air safely, ensuring the workplace is always filled with “fresh air”. Read more on how HVLS fan helps in air circulation in our previous blog.

How do I find the right fan for my space?

As complicated as it may sound, HUNTER has designed a tool to ease the selection of the fan for you. This tool seamlessly calculates the right fan size and the number of fans needed to cover the area you needed. Click here to launch the tool.

If you need professional assistance in choosing the right HVLS Fan instead, SYSPEX is around your corner. We are always ready to do a site visit and provide you with a free proposal for your need.


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