HVLS Fan – Ally To Humankind During Covid-19

Warehousing / 01 Jun 2020

Extraordinary Times

This pandemic showed humanity how we take things for granted, and how such trivial things like getting close to people are now life-threatening. During these trying times, breathing in a clean and healthy gulp of air is a luxury, especially when you are in a crowded area. How crowded is crowded? As long as the other person is less than 1-meter away from you, that is crowded!

In respect to business and economic continuity, the show must go on. A new norm of the digital workplace such as Slack, Zoom, and Teams, to name a few have emerged victoriously during this extraordinary time. As workers are starting to get the hang of working at home, businesses still require physical labour to keep the operations running, especially manufacturers.

However, before we can ask people to return to the workplace to “keep the business running”, the employer must make sure that the workers feel safe, healthy and valued in their workplace. This extra-mile includes sufficient PPE (Personal Protective Equipment) such as mask and sanitary solutions.

But is that all that is needed for them to feel safe?

Workplace Safety Has Evolved


The workplace environment has become crucial, more than ever. As workers have to stay confined in a closed environment for hours, ventilation has become one of the most critical elements in improving the workplace environment.


During a recent study from the Japanese Association of Infectious Diseases, it is known that human’s microdroplets are capable of staying airborne for a very long time if there is no air movement.

These Japanese researchers have been studying the most effective way to reduce this “airborne” droplets, and the most effective way is to just simply opening a window. The opening windows generate one outcome, ventilation.

In order to ventilate the workplace, most businesses looked into HVAC systems such as exhaust fans and noisy industrial fans. More often than not, these kinds of method usually come with a high maintenance cost, and costly installation, not mentioned the sheer amount of these fans are needed in a huge space.

The good news is that this is not the only solution on deck, because there is one more ally called HVLS Fan.



Unlike HVAC and industrial fans, HVLS Fan is specifically designed to circulate a massive amount of air, making it one of the best methods to ventilate a large area without spending a fortune. On average, one single HVLS Fan can replace up to 50 units of industrial fans and covers up to 20,000 square feet of open space.

By understanding how HVLS Fan works, you can be assured that this simple addition can help you to reduce the risk in your workplace while at the same time improving the working environment for your workers, and that’s a Win-Win.

Which One Is Right?

Though it may look challenging to choose the right HVLS Fan and size for your workplace, SYSPEX has a dedicated team of trained consultants to help you along the way to choose the right fan for your space.

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