How To Prevent Package Theft During Shipping?

Product Securing & Damage Prevention / 10 Apr 2020

If you are in the e-commerce business and selling products online, or even thinking about venturing into this field, you will face one unique challenge, particularly in shipping. If you took a guess and you shouted “THEFT” onto your screen while you’re reading this, you’re right!

Theft not only gives you the worry and headache after you shipped your products out from your warehouse but this also potentially eat into your profits that are already getting thinner as competitors grow. What’s worse is the reputation of your company heading downslope as reviews of your shipment quality fill up the web. While theft insurance is available, having it for every shipment drives up your shipping costs.

Goods delivery is a complicated process – usually many different touchpoints are involved; a package may be transferred via several means of transport and carriers. That’s why some unpredictable situations can happen and some of your items could be missing from the package your customer received.

In addition to the limitation of the OPP Tape, (also called plastic tape), opening the box and slipping out the items without any trace on the box is easier than ever.

Most tapes in the market adhere to the carton via a simple force on the tape, and the adhesion is very surface. This makes it super easy for what we call “Press-and-Grab” Theft. The criminal presses down on the top of the shipping carton, causing the weak tape yields, and the criminal pulls products out of the box. The box flaps then spring back up, leaving the theft undetected until later.

Fortunately, there are other steps you can take to protect your valuable products in transit while maintaining a great reputation with your customers.

How Paper Gummed Tape comes to rescue to help e-commerce companies address their security concerns

What’s the best way to prevent press-and-grab theft? Ensure that the shipping carton is securely sealed. Some types of tape create a very surface-level seal that is easy to break. Paper Gummed Tape (also called Water-activated tape, WAT, Kraft paper tape, or brown paper tape), on the other hand, actually fuses with the carton material to form a theft-deterring bond.

Make no mistake: thieves always look to take the “path of least resistance,” and a Paper Gummed Tape sealed package definitely is not it!

Wondering if Paper Gummed Tape can really help your organization make product shipments more secure?

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