How to convince your company to use Paper Gum Tape

Product Securing & Damage Prevention Sustainability / 22 Dec 2022

Box-sealing with adhesive tapes is a process that cannot be eliminated, even today. It has been more critical than ever before, with the boom of E-commerce and rising market requirements.

If we ask any company what tapes they use to seal the box, rest assured we will hear the answer, Polypropylene Tapes (commonly known as OPP). This type of tape is widely used worldwide for its simplicity and cost. 

However, it poses 4 major disadvantages

  • Speed
  • Safety
  • Strength
  • Security

Paper Gum Tape is the answer to all the disadvantages of the regular OPP. Before we dive into the advantages, let us share what paper gum tape is.

What is Paper Gum Tape?

Paper gum tape is a type of paper-based sealing tape that is water activated. It has excellent adhesion to cartons, paper, and most plastics. Like other types of tape like OPP tape, its primary purpose is to seal shut boxes or cartons.

However, the main difference of paper gum tape is that it is water-activated. Water activation can make it more difficult to tear by hand than other tapes due to its strength. This also means it is less likely to come off accidentally with shipping or handling.

So, what are the advantages of using paper gum tape?

Paper Gum Tape increases productivity

Nothing beats excellent advantages like productivity improvement.

After all, if Paper Gum Tape can help you seal and prepare more shipping boxes for transport in the same amount of time, quick ROI becomes another advantage. It can quickly offset the cost of buying dispensers and tape. 

Independent tests have shown that Paper Gum Tape increases productivity compared to pressure-sensitive tape like OPP Tape. Paper Gum Tape is 21 per cent more effective at sealing cartons than OPP Tape. 

What is the cause of this efficiency gain? There are several factors. 

Paper Gum Tape dispensers prepare the tape and cut it to the correct length in one operation. Packers only have to place the tape on a seam, run their hand over it and let the adhesive take effect. Because of that, Paper Gum Tape can be applied in any orientation of the carton, unlike the OPP Tape, where you need to rotate the carton in a different position.

Paper Gum Tape provides outstanding ROI.

Besides the ROI from the productivity improvement mentioned above, the fact that Paper Gum Tape has a stronger seal, only one strip is required to achieve a superior seal on the carton box.

On average, packers use 50 per cent more OPP Tape than required to seal a carton. Hence, using Paper Gum Tape can eliminate these wastages as well.

Paper Gum Tape is safer to use.

Tape guns are the most common dispenser for OPP Tapes. This hand tool poses safety risk with continuous use.

First, over time, repeatedly gripping the handle, pulling it over seams, and tilting it to cut the tape can cause injuries to the hands and wrists. These injuries can be long-term and difficult to resolve. This converts to higher medical claims and bad worker retention.

Second, tape guns have sharp edges for cutting the tape, leading to potential injury. This is especially true since users are in awkward positions when applying the tape. 

Paper Gum Tape solves all these problems as it does not require a hand-held tool. It doesn’t have any exposed sharp blades or edges on the equipment.

Paper Gum Tape provides excellent security.

A common theft skill, the “hairdryer-blowing” method used on OPP tapes, will not work as Paper Gum Tape are water-activated. Any tampering done on the tape will leave “evidence” behind.

This security can deter potential theft and ultimately increase your company’s reputation and trust in the products delivered to your customers.

Make a switch now

Making a switch is always tricky. We at Syspex understand this to our core. Take this opportunity to talk to us so we can give you advice on reasons to change or not change. 

Syspex’s 30 years of extensive experience have given us insights to help our customers choose the best solution to their packaging needs. It gives us joy knowing our customers get the best out of their investments.


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