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EP Equipment has developed the EPT 20-15 EHJ, 1.5ton, on the basis of a strong HPT chassis to ensure durability in combination with its proven electric drive unit and a robust manual pump (lifting + lowering).

Published in Electric Pallet Truck

The sectional door with no torsion springs and overhead supports.

The folding system frees up valuable space for operating equipment and services. Available in any colour, with glazing, wicket door or side door.

Published in Sectional Door

The GlowOne Light Lifter is a simple system to achieve efficient re-lamping / replacement and maintenance for lights positioned above high, inaccessible areas.

Published in GlowOne LED Lighting

Introducing the new iQ-400 , StraPack's new semi-automatic strapping machine with dual tension mode. 

Published in Semi-Auto Strapping

MESSERSI PR99 Automatic Vertical Strapping Machine with vertical compression. 

Published in Automatic Strapping

Desiccant canisters are small, rigid, cylindrical containers filled with desiccants like bentonite clay and silica gel, aimed at absorbing moisture.

Published in Desiccant

Silica gel in a sachet or porous packet. A desiccant is a hygroscopic substance that induces or sustains a state of dryness in that environment.

Published in Desiccant

Container Desiccants are specially engineered to protect cargo from moisture damage by preventing condensation in shipping containers

Published in Desiccant

Calcium chloride mixed with a clay or starch base, a desiccant is a hygroscopic (attracts and holds water) substance that induces or sustains such a state in its local vicinity in 
a moderately sealed container

Published in Containerization

This special tool is designed for the MEGA FLOW valve which is available for all  Syspex dunnage air bags. This fully proved system, that eliminated operator error, can fill your dunnage air bag 30 to 40% faster than any other compressed air filling system!

Published in Dunnage Air Bags

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