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The Bio Tape is made from biodegradable film and eco-friendly acrylic adhesive that is FDA and RoHS compliance.

Published in Tapes

Eco Tape 50% more volume than ordinary Opp Tape.

Published in Tapes

The Anti Collision Proximity Sensor Alarm System uses the latest technology to significantly reduce the risk of collision between moving vehicles and pedestrians in the workplace.

E-Packaging EPK Labelling Head - Automatic self-adhesive label applicators to be combined with production lines, ideal for the application of top, bottom and side self-adhesive labels.

Published in Labelling Heads

Ultra-High-Performance Stretch Film or Nano stretch film is an extraordinary stretch wrap film with high elasticity plastic material used to wrap around goods or products to secure them on the pallets (whilst protecting them from dust, dirt, and moisture).

Published in Stretch Wrapping Film

Dimension Weighing and Scanning (DWS) System are suitable for applications spanning from high-volume logistics and distribution companies to local shipping centres. The DWS systems bring value to all relevant operations involved in this industry.

Heavy-Duty Automatic Vacuum Packaging Machine with removable conveyor belts. Enjoy this high-capacity double chamber model and optimize your operational processes to the max.

Published in Vacuum Packaging

Floor Model Vacuum Packing Machine Perfect fit for greater packaging needs and high volumes of food and non-food products.

Published in Vacuum Packaging

Single and Double Chamber Floor Model Vacuum sealer machine suitable for multiple applications in both food and non-food products.

Published in Vacuum Packaging

Table Top Vacuum Packing Machine ideal for the business start-up with small production, Restaurant packing to prolong food.

Published in Vacuum Packaging
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