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FALCON-IQ Safety Camera Solution

FALCON-IQ Safety Camera Solution

FALCON-IQ provides high-end quality products, services as well as engineering works with if required, turnkey project solutions.
Our aim is to constantly upgrade our products and develop new innovative systems. Therefore we re-invest a significant part of our turnover in Research and Development.

Description: ECCD-8115  ECCD-8110  ECCD-8075  ECCD-8060  ECCD-8030  ECCD-8017

Description: ECCD-8075(L)  ECCD-8060(L)  ECCD-8030(L)

Description: ECCD-9115  ECCD-9110  ECCD-9075  ECCD-9060  ECCD-9030  ECCD-8017

Description: ECCM-9115  ECCM-9110  ECCM-9075  ECCM-9060  ECCM-9030  ECCM-9017

Description: ECCD9075(L)  ECCD-9060(L)  ECCD-9030(L)

Description: ECCD-S115   ECCD-S110   ECCD-S075   ECCD-S060   ECCD-S030

Description: EFCM-9090(C)  EFCM-9054(C)  EFCM-9032(C)

Description: ECIP-T115  ECIP-T102  ECIP-T078  ECIP-T054  ECIP-T032  ECIP-T017

Description: ECIP-S115  ECIP-S102  ECIP-S078  ECIP-S054  ECIP-S032  ECIP-S017

Description: ECIP-T078(L)  ECIP-T054(L)  ECIP-T032(L)

Description: EFCD-9130(CL)  EFCD-9115(CL)  EFCD-9110(CL)  EFCD-9075(CL)

Installed on the crane can be used to keep the zoom camera is always vertically downward.

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