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Racking System

Racking System

The pallet racking system comprises a comprehensive choice of frames and pallet support beams which are precisely selected and combined to meet the load requirements of any storage application safely, efficiently and effectively.

Maximum versatility that can accommodate a wide range of storage situations. Suitable for creating custom built installations for most commercial, industrial and retail environments.
This system allows selection of any pallet storage position at any time and aisle widths are determined by handling equipment requirements.
Provide additional work or storage area by maximising the use of vertical space. Mezzanine floors are endlessly adaptable. It can be extended, dismantled or relocated.
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The storage arrangement enables first-in-first-out access to all goods. VNA trucks can be mechanically or electronically guided for smooth and safe transport.
A storage space without sharp edges. Its arms move upwards and sideways when accidentally stroked by a forklift to prevent deformity. Positioning and adjustment of arms are easy.
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Double the pallet storage capacity, while allowing 100% stock availability

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