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GlowOne Light Lifter System

GlowOne Light Lifter System

The GlowOne Light Lifter is a simple system to achieve efficient re-lamping / replacement and maintenance for lights positioned above high, inaccessible areas. 

Total maintenance solutions for high ceiling installed Luminaries, such as high bay, flood light. Automatic Lifting System for lightings which are adapted to harsh environments.

Prevention against electrical shock & Falling

- Remote controlled lighting lifter (up down system) prevents against falling accidents by removing maintenance and cleaning of lighting bulbs at higher positions

- Remote controlled lighting lifter (auto lifting system) prevents from electrical shocks during changing and cleaning of lighting bulbs as the electricity is automatically off when the system is lowered and during maintenance

Energy Saving

- Energy savings by turning off unnecessary lighting with remote controller by individual or group from afar

Maintenance Cost Savings 

- Maintenance cost savings from hiring experts and/or rental equipment such as basket / ladder equipped crane, scissors lift, boom lifts or trucks for reaching higher positions 





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