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Paper Gummed Tapes

Paper Gummed Tapes

Syspex offers a full line of water-activated tape. Water-activated tape (also known as gummed tape, gum tape, Kraft tape, paper tape, reinforced tape etc) is designed to create a superior seal on your corrugated cartons while providing advantages other carton sealing methods do not. 

Syspex water-activated tape is offered in a wide range of paper and reinforced water-activated tape styles, roll lengths and widths to best fit your carton sealing needs. It is the preferred choice of packaging specialists when quality, strength, security and professional appearance are critical.



Consider Using 
Water-Activated Tape
if You...


Are experiencing product pilferage when you ship your cartons…

Water-activated tape provides a tamper-evident seal that discourages theft.

Want to have a cost-effective carton sealing solution...                                               

Water-activated tape creates such a strong seal, you only need to use one strip of tape.

Are concerned about repetitive motion injury associated with plastic tape and tape guns…

Water-activated tape is applied using a tape dispenser, not a hand-held tape gun that can create repetitive motion stresses.

Are packing products in a challenging physical environment…

Water-activated tape can be used in dusty, dirty, cold and hot environments and will retain its seal.

Wish to print a message on your carton tape…

Water-activated tape is printer-friendly for logos and messages.

Want a carton-sealing tape that’s recyclable…

Water-activated tape is recyclable, biodegradable and repulpable.

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