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Paper Cushioning

Paper Cushioning

Protect your goods during shipment with an environmental-friendly and effective cushioning system.

For the first time, a unit in a slim, upright design is available for the production of very dense paper pads.

In-the-box packaging PAPERplus® Chevron paper pads use minimal paper for filling voids in packages.


PAPERplus® Papillon - A new Top Fill solution, transforms two 20 cm wide layers of paper into protective pads. These pads fill empty voids in the box quickly and adapt around the goods needed to be protected by avoiding movement during transport.

Storopack PAPERbubble® is the natural wrapping that transforms air and paper into the perfect protection.

Highly adaptable protective "mattress" gives you secure shipping protection for a wide range of products, from fragile glassware, precision electronics to automotive spare parts

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