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Foam Cushioning

Foam Cushioning

Foam cushioning is widely used as a protective packaging material and has a unique shock absorbing abilities during shipment and loading/unloading. Foam cushioning can be made from a variety of materials, providing different advantages for many different types of products. Such as PU Foam (Polyurethane foam), PE Foam (Polyethylene foam), EPE Foam (Expanded Polyethylene foam) / HPE Foam (Homogeneous foam), EVA Foam (Ethylene-Vinyl Acetate foam), and etc.

Polyurethane Foam (PU Foam) is an excellent option to protect light-weight fragile products because of its softness and ability to resist scratches and dents. It comes in different densities and colors.

Polyethylene Foam - PE Foam is often used for high sensitivity products that require strong shock absorbency because of its superior ability to dampen vibrations.

Compared to Polyethylene Foam (PE Foam), Homogeneous Foam (HPE Foam) comes in a higher density.

Ethylene-Vinyl Acetate Foam - EVA Foam has a fine uniform cell structure that allows it to be processed much like other thermoplastics. EVA Foam retains its flexibility and resilience, recovers quickly from compressions. It is a buoyant material and is used to absorb impact shock.

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