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Sachet Desiccant

Sachet Desiccant

Sachet desiccant is a compact desiccant product developed specifically for moisture requirements in small packaging environments. It adopts white silica gel as an absorbent.

Applicable in various industries:

- Electronics

- Food

Electronic products such as semiconductors and circuit boards need strict controls on the humidity during storage and use. Humidity may cause a bad quality or damage. 

Most electronic products aere required to be operated and stored under dry environmennt. 

More thatn 1/4 of the manufacturer defects are caused by dampness. 

Damp hazard has beome a critical issue ffor quality control.

Therefore, finished produts and parts are required to store under dry environment. 


Desiccant sachets are food-grade moisture absorbing packs for humidity control and product freshness.

Our Silica Gel Packets are food grade and safe to use with dry food products in order to protect them from the effects of humidity. 

Silica Gel is an amazing material that will absorb 40% of its weight in moisture and can even be regenerated when fully saturated.

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