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Inflation Tools

Inflation Tools

The special designed venturi MEGA FLOW inflator leads the air stream in a special chamber and create a vacuum to suck additional outside air into the bag. Inflating of dunnage air bags has never been easier and faster than with our new fast filling MEGA FLOW inflation tools.

Standard Inflation Tool

This is our classic filling tool for PP woven and Paper air bags. Our special design of the valve adapter can easy be clipped on the air bags valve; the handle helps to hold the bag in position. The valve adapter comes in two types, one with a flexible rubber tube ( 40cm ) and one with a fixed steel pipe (20cm ).

Any standard air pressure system can be connected to the airgun. An optional manometer shows the exact filling pressure. Syspex valve adapter is the most simple, but in the same time the most handy one in the market.

Mega Flow inflator with electronic gauge

This fully proved system, that eliminated operator error, can fill your dunnage air bag 30 to 40% faster than any other compressed air filling system ! The special designed venturi MEGA FLOW inflation tool leads the air stream in a special chamber and create so negative pressure to suck a big amount of outside air into the inflator and so almost double the air stream until pressure is building up.
The electronic gauge show the actual filling pressure on the screen. It can show the pressure in kPA, bar and P.S.I.
Also a pressure limit can be preset to stop the air flow when the preset pressure limit is reached.

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