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Product Securing & Damage Prevention

Product Securing & Damage Prevention

Protecting your goods during transportation and storage to reduce damage cost..

Stretch Wrapping

Stretch Wrapping stabilize irregular loads and protect goods from dust and dirt without preventing easy product identification.

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Strapping are securing your goods in the different internal and external logisticstages.
Strapping tool or strapping machine, stretch wrapping machine, consumables and after sales service from one source tailored to achieve low cost of ownership.

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Palletizing and Baggage

Palletizing and Baggage protection and secured sealing of palletized goods.

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Container & Load Securing

Container Securing products help to protect and secure your goods while reducing material and labor cost during shipment.

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In-The-Box Cushioning

In-The-Box Cushioning - Safe, efficient, and versatile all-round protection for your goods during shipment.

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Carton Sealing

Carton Sealing are reliable, cost-effective and durable providing savings to your production process. More importantly, these machines provide a professional looking seal.

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Banding - Great Alternative to conventional packaging: shrink film, chip board sleeves or rubber bands.
Banding offers the option of different bundling methods: Group different items to make a set.

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Packaging Consumables

A variety of packaging consumables for all kinds of application.

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Keep products dry and eliminate moisture and corrosion with desiccants and silica gel.

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