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Forklift Attachments

Forklift Attachments

Designed to make forklift trucks more efficient and safer.

Rotating paper roll clamp suitable for lifting horizontal and vertical paper rolls in various diameters and allowing compact stacking and easy retrieving
Efficient and cost-effective material-handling system

Two Way Fork Clamp - Applications include normal fork operation or hydraulic fork spread adjustment which uses the arms for carton handling, bale handling or drum handling.

Welded directly to the clamp frame, the slim arms knife between bale stacks of pulp, cotton, wool, fabrics, tobacco and other similar products

Hinge Bucket & Fork - A bucket is mounted on the hinged fork to facilitate the handling of loose or bulky loads. The bucket is mounted with pins and is easily detachable allowing the operator to use it as a hinged fork or for any other operation.

Multi-pallet Handler Suitable for heavy handling of palletised loads

With the Tri-lateral Head, pallets can be stored and retrieved sideways within narrow aisles. It can also rotate 180ยบ allowing storage on both sides. 

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