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Material Handling Equipment

Material Handling Equipment

Systems for movement, storage, control and protection of materials, goods and products..

Vacuum Lifting

Vacuum Lifting is designed to make lifting efficient, increase work rate, ergonomic, safe and reduce the risk of accidents, no matter what you need to lift.

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Lifting Trolley

Lifting Trolley - A true multipurpose system. Lifting trolley allows you to lift anything, anywhere. Pick up goods in one place, transport them effortlessly, and lift them in place wherever you need them.

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Dimension Weighing and Scanning (DWS) System

Dimensioning Weighing and Scanning (DWS) systems are a highly efficient way to capture parcel weight and dimensions for revenue protection and recovery.

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Pallet Truck

Pallet truck - the ideal working tool for moving nearly all sizes of pallets and suitable for most kinds of surface.

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Electric Stackers

Versitle stackers providing efficient solutions to meet all possible warehousing and handling requirements in most industrial work environment.

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Pallet Inverters

Provide reliable, economical and efficient means to invert loads and to change pallets.

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Collaborative Robot

Collaborative robots, or "cobots," are designed to work alongside employees. Collaborative robots focus more on repetitive tasks such as inspection and picking, helping workers focus more on tasks that require problem-solving abilities.

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