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Henkelman Atmoz Series

Henkelman Atmoz Series

Henkelman’s Atmoz series represent a full range of single and double chamber models to optimize every vacuum packaging process. Suitable for food and non-food applications. The most distinguishing feature of this new line of machines is the construction of both the work plate and the lid. In general, the Atmoz series offer more machine for less money. 


• Industrial full stainless steel vacuum packaging machines for an attractive price

• Complete range for vacuum and MAP packaging solutions

• User-friendly and low-maintenance, comes with complete service program

• Intelligent design guarantees reliability in every environment

• Extensive program choices for specific packaging requirements


Food products Industrial Production - Wholesale - Export Packaging (meat, poultry, fish, cheese, vegetables etc.)

• No contamination or bacteria’s multiplication, hence an extended shelf life resulting in:

- cost savings (larger purchasing orders, efficient cooking time spreading and diminution of products losses)

- turnover increase (more variation and spread in product range)

• Optimal product and storage hygiene (hermetically sealed)

• No loss of product (prevents drying out, moulds and freeze burn)

• Improved product quality (product maturing in packaging, no loss of aroma)

• Professional product presentation

• Optimal packaging contributes to food safety and HACCP standards


Non-food products Electronics - Semi-conductors - Metal - Pharmaceutical Products - Textiles - Laboratories etc.

• Moisture free anti-corrosive packaging

• Air and dust-free antistatic packaging

• Volume reducing packaging

• Product protecting and fraud resisting packaging


Atmoz 90

The Atmoz 90 is a single chamber vacuum packaging machine with a robust all-stainless steel construction. User-friendly operation and easy maintenance guaranteed.

  • Chamber dimensions(LxWxH): 660x760x280 mm
  • Machine dimensions(LxWxH): 1090x980x1105 mm
  • Seal bar length: 2 x 660 mm
  • Pump capacity: 100 m3/h
  • Machine cycle: 15-40 sec

Atmoz 2-75

Industrial double chamber vacuum packaging machine at a competitive price. For vacuum and modified atmospheric packaging. Robust and all-stainless steel construction.

  • Chamber dimensions(LxWxH): 880x550x280 mm
  • Machine dimensions(LxWxH): 1160x1545x1105 mm
  • Seal bar length: 2 x 880 mm
  • Pump capacity: 100/150 m3/h
  • Machine cycle: 15-40 sec

Atmoz 2-90

Industrial double chamber vacuum packaging machine at an attractive price. For vacuum packing and modified atmospheric packaging. Offers optimal packaging capacity.

  • Chamber dimensions(LxWxH): 870x880x280 mm
  • Machine dimensions(LxWxH): 1269x1965x1105 mm
  • Seal bar length: 2 x 880 mm
  • Pump capacity: 150/300 m3/h
  • Machine cycle: 15-40 sec

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