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Webomatic ML-C 7600

Webomatic ML-C 7600

The WEBOMATIC thermoforming machine ML-C 7600 is the ideal high-performance tool for the industrial serial production of sophisticated thermoformed packaging. The successor model of the APS ML 7100 combines decades of experience with the proven WEBOMATIC CleanDesign®. The robust ML-C 7600 is not just a durable machine, after a day of work it is easy to clean in order to meet the current high hygienic standards.) Depending on the equipment, the industry-friendly power pack processes all commercially available film materials (flexible film, rigid film, printed top, and bottom film)

  • up to 662 mm width
  • repeat length up to 1000 mm
  • depth up to 190 mm

Depending on the equipment and the product, the packaging machine ML-C 7600 processes up to 20 cycles per minute. Optional, it also produces stable and resealable packagings (snap-in covers) via top film forming.

On-The-Fly format change - Reducing machine downtime significantly.

One of the main features of the ML-C 7600 is the on-the-fly tool change: on request, two different formats can be installed in parallel (including suitable formats and labelers) and can be switched "on-the-fly" via the intelligent PLC control. No need for complex tool and film changes during production - this saves time and reduces costs. The electrical top film unwinding (basic equipment) supports efficient and trouble-free processes. It handles secured and monitored even long and heavy top films safe, without stress for the sealing seam. The thermoforming machine ML-C 7600 manages the three-shift operation problem-free all year round. It guarantees process reliability and offers the optimal packaging solution for high production capacities thanks to robust dies for large and individual formats.

The modular machine can be adapted to specific and individual customer requirements. This modularity applies to the outer dimensions, the variable infeed zone as well as specialized equipment and complex automation options. Additionally, the maintenance time of the ML-C 7600 is significantly reduced thanks to the permanent lubrication of the lifting tool. The durable machine does not only offer absolute reliability, but also all possibilities of optional equipment: with the adjustable infeed zone for manual or fully automatic loading and the variable discharge module for the optional use of coding and/or labeling systems, as well as various cutting systems can be perfectly integrated into every packaging line.

Data Sheet


Mitsubishi servo-drive, highly dynamic, electronically controlled


PLC Mitsubishi FX with optional remote diagnosis


hi-res Mitsubishi 12“ colour touchscreen

vacuum pump:

100, 160, 250, 400, 630, 1.000 m3/h, 
rootspump optionally

forming procedure:

compressed air, compressed air with vacuum, plug-assist forming



external dimensions:

max. 22.000 x 1.250 x 1.995 mm (L x W x H)

working height:

850–950 mm

repeat length:

200–1000 m

draw depth:

max. 190  mm

Packing material and capacity:


bottom film:

thermoformable and sealable flexible and rigid film, e. g. PA/PE, A-PET, PVC; 322–622 mm wide

top film:

sealable flexible film, e.g. PA/PE, Tyvec

packing capacity:

up to 20 cycles/min.

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