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PRATIKA 80-T MPSautomatic wrapping machine. The acronym indicates the side seal device, the continuous welding that does not involve length limits to pack up to 4, 5, 6 meters. In addition to the equipment of the Center Sealing system, this new version of the machine, suitable to pack large sizes up to 700 mm wide x360 mm high, has been enhanced with a strong mechanical and electronic technological content.

Pratika 80-T MPS is an innovative shrink wrap machine that represents today a perfect synthesis of reliability, high performance, versatility and safety, to evolve once again the way to conceive automatic packaging machines with shrink films.

"Made in Italy with an international heart": all the automatic wrapping machines by minipack®-torre are produced entirely in the company's factories, with an inner heart made of the electrical and electronic components of a multinational corporation such as Schneider Electric.

PRATIKA 80-T MPS the most appreciated model of the new range of minipack®-torre automatic wrapping machines:

  • Continuous welding system
  • "Center Sealing" welding device
  • Brushless servomotor by Schneider Electric
  • Control logic by Schneider Electric PLC
  • Electric power supply, no pneumatic connection needed
  • Reduced energy consumption
  • Compliance with CE regulations
  • Technical features
    • Schneider Electric M258 PLC with 256 customisable and named programs
    • Colour touch-screen control panel, 5.7 inch, 10 languages
    • 2 Dual Core microprocessors (like 4) 2 x 32 bit
    • USB Communication interface
    • Schneider Electric brushless motor Drive
    • Signalling of roll and film opening roller positioning on the set product height
    • Micro-perforation device with film tensioning adjustment on the set product height
    • New closed loop sealing bar actuation frame which balances efforts and makes motion smoother
    • Self-adjustment of triangle and bar height on the set product height
    • Sealing bar opening defined by product height, which may be set on the touch-screen control panel
    • Belt speed (infeed/outfeed) adjusted by programmable Schneider Electric inverter model Altivar
    • Electronic port (infeed/outfeed) for interfacing with supplementary unloading and loading belts
    • Standard belts compliant with the strictest regulations in force in the food sector (FDA) and completely antistatic
    • Full waste winder warning electronic device
    • Possibility to match a heat-shrink tunnel.
  • Excellent productivity
    • High sealing and productivity speed
    • Electronically adjustable conveyor belt speed
    • Electric belt approaching device (optional)
    • Piece counter (day/life) and package length detection
    • Option to package individual packages or sets of products.
  • Efficient sealing
    • New Side Seal unit moved with a Stepper motor
    • Blade movement with Brushless motor
    • Double sealing temperature adjustment, both on the longitudinal bar and on the Side Seal
    • Automatic cross bar height may be set to the mm
    • Sealing time and force adjustment (min/medium/max).
  • Focus on safety
    • Machine protected by a cover with operator safety guard also including infeed and outfeed belt and roll support
    • Opening hatches fitted with safety microswitch
    • Control logic with operator safety
    • Visible and acoustic machine stop alarm signal.
  • Leading-edge technology
    • Biometric reader for data security (optional)
    • Remote support (optional)
    • Description of problem solution
    • Remote control (optional).
  • Ease of use
    • Lit working area
    • Machine on adjustable wheels and feet
    • Levelling spirit level
    • Front and rear opening for easy access and servicing
    • Personalised operator/maintenance technician utilisation mode.
  • Absolute functionality
    • Roll insertion at the rear
    • Fitted with weights to adjust film tensioning
    • High technology vertical photocell
    • Electronic cycle counter
    • General automatic and function control upon switch-on.


Electrical power supply






MAX power installed



Available dimensions of the sealing bars


700 x ∞

MAX product size (the maximum measurements cannot be used at the same time)


700x360x L.∞

MAX Reel Dimensions (diameter)



MAX Reel Strip Dimensions (width)



Infeed belt height



Machine dimensions (guards open)



Machine dimensions (guards closed)



Type of power supply


Electrical power supply

Hourly output (based on the size of the product and the film used)

p/h (pph)


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