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Bolphane® BZN

Bolphane® BZN
Crosslinked polyolefin multipurpose shrinkfilm

Standard Features

  • Exceptional strength and puncture resistance
  • Broad operating window for use on a wide range of equipments
  • Strong seals from a wide variety of processing conditions
  • Bolphane® BZN is easy to seal and shrink on a wide range of equipments
  • Its versatility gives access to the broadest spectrum of products and applications
  • Excellent optics combined with a high shrink force make of BZN an excellent high profile/display film
  • The film's toughness provides puncture resistance and ensures protection and product integrity especially to packages with sharp edges or irregular shapes
  • A high memory degree prevents distortion and provides a secure package with good appearance
Impact Strength
  • The unique combination of toughness and softness guarantee puncture resistance and enhanced elongation at break compared to any other conventional polyolefin shrinkfilm
  • Bolphane® BZN is available in Singlewound (BZN-S) or Centerfolded (BZN-C)
  • The film offers a standard slip


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