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Laser Marking

Laser Marking

Laser marking and coding equipments offering a wide range of speed, characteristics and protections allowing its applications in various industries.

The MundiScan laser is the most powerful and fastest laser of its kind. It can ‐ on the pallet station, using the standard curve ‐ write two lines of text at a rate of 70.000 labels per hour.

Solution for marking your products with incredibly clear message at minimal operational costs.

Laser used in industrial markets for marking and engraving a range of plastic and metal substrates.

The K-1080-UHS CO2 laser has been designed for use in demanding applications...

Small character coding laser which eliminates the cost advantage often associated with inkjet printers

fLASER lasers deliver consistent, permanent, high quality codes without interruption even in harsh environments.

Provide a flexible, economical and easy integration to a wide variety of marking and coding technology

F series pulsed fiber lasers are utility lasers which work with a range of metals and plastics

Compact diode pumped YAG Laser System for marking and coding a wide range of materials including even highly reflective metal surfaces as well as plastics provide excellent results

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