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Our Commitment

Akin to the sunrise, we emit positivity; akin to the sunset, we ignite peace. A promise to helping business, Syspex is committed to delivering all your packaging and warehousing needs from sunrise to sunset.

We pledge to practice and advocate good in everything that we do; to make the world a better place by helping and caring for people and the environment.

Customer Service Vision Statement:

“Every extra mile is a happy service from us, a helping spirit to touch the hearts of people.”

Our commitment to Customers

1. Deliver ONLY the best solutions, quality products, and reliable service.

2. Helping customers to improve productivity, helping to reduce cost, and helping to improve safety.

3. Helping customers with more environmentally friendly products.

4. Deliver happiness to customers throughout the entire supply chain including customer service, sales engagement, and technical service without compromising the code of ethics.

Our commitment to Vendors

1. Develop mutually beneficial and long-term partnerships with a good personal touch.

2. Help create opportunities and to achieve operational and financial success.

3. Establish trusting relationship through respect, honesty, and ethical engagement.

Our commitment to Employees

1. Share the success of the company with employees.

2. Provide fair compensation, competitive benefits, and transparency of company policy & financial progress.

3. Create a happy environment of humble and open communication, honest relationships that respect diversity, valuing feedback from all employees.

4. Create a safe, healthy, and ethical environment.

5. Increase employee value through training and development, and career opportunities.

6. Create a learning environment for employees to improve their social well-being and to grow in wisdom for work & life.

Our commitment to Environment

1. Pledge to protect Mother Nature by providing environmentally-friendly products and solutions, and eliminating wastage.

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