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Akebono OB-360N

Akebono OB-360N

Introducing the new OB-360N. An upgrade from the OB-360, it's more efficient, more versatile, and easier to operate and maintain.

The Akebono OB-360N is a high speed paper and film tape banding machine for use in a variety of printing & graphics, pharmaceutical, food and non-food industries including banking and other packaging applications.

■ High Speed
Up to 30 cycles per minute. Soft or elastic bundles can be banded without sacrificing the speed.
■ Versatile
-Applies banding to packages as small as 30mm (1-1/8” )wide x 10mm (3/8”) high up to 420mm (16-1/2”) wide x 210mm (8-1/4”) high.
-Either paper or film tape can be used.
-Larger arch size is available upon request.
■ Stronger Tension
Tension is easily adjustable, with a volume dial, from 5N to 60N (approx. 1 - 13.5lbsf) to accommodate various applications.
■ Better Sealing
Improved sealing/heater design helps achieve an even melting and seamless seal eliminating curled, folded or peeling tape edges.
■ Easier Maintenance
The added guide to the tape shooter attachment takes the guesswork out of the reassembly. Along with the built-in Aluminum Sealing Frame, maintenance will be a breeze.
■ Friendly Operation
- A cycle can be activated by simply placing a bundle on the table, pressing the Start button or stepping on the foot pedal.
- The Start button has been moved to the table top for easy operation.
- The machine will not operate accidentally without a package on the table.
- In case of feeding issues, the reset function allows the machine to quickly return to its starting position.




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