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Catalogue Piab Ergonomic Lifting Solutions 2  

Vaculex® TP - Express handling up to 65 kg [140 lbs].
Vaculex® TP is a vacuum lift specifically designed for rapid manual handling of goods. Thanks to the
360° joint the flexibility makes it ideal for any type of parcel handling at logistics-, order fulfillment- or
distribution centers, as well as baggage handling at airports and ports. With the 90° angle adapter and
you can also tilt the object 90°. The Vaculex® TP family includes TPH, TP Scale, TP BaggageLift and the
TP Combi.

Extremely versatile
Vaculex® TP is extremely versatile and handles a great variety of goods in size, shape and weight.
Vaculex® grips the goods from any side and lifts it, you can easily rotate either the lift or the goods 360º
to place it where required.

Vaculex® TP is designed for very rapid handling of goods up to 40 kg [88 lbs] but is also available in
versions for lifting goods up to 65 kg [140 lbs].

Vaculex® TP decreases strain injuries
Lifting fast in poor posture does not require heavy weights to cause pain and strain injuries. Vaculex®
TP is very user-friendly and requires minimal training to operate. It is so light and easily managed
that working speed and productivity are maintained or in many cases increased, which is usually the
contrary when using a lifting aid.

• Handles almost any load between 5 and 65 kg [11 to 140 lbs]
• Extremely fast
• Ergonomic
• Safe
• User-friendly
• Light and flexible
• Increases productivity
• Causes less parcel damage
• Low investment
• Low service cost
• Available with Automatic Turn Off Pump (ATOP) for increased energy efficiency and maximum comfort
• Available with a wide range of accessories

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