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Horizontal Solutions

Horizontal Solutions

ILAPAK’s flow pack & flow wrappers can be tailored to match each customer’s specific needs, and deliver maximum production flexibility and efficiency at each performance level.


Versatile and easy to use flowrapper designed to meet the needs of first time users of automatic packaging machines

Producing robust and reliable hermetic seals with laminated, co-extruded and shrinkable barrier films

Entry-level electronic machine, fully PLC controlled with an intuitive HMI...

Electronically controlled flow wrapping machine for middle range and multipurpose applications.

The new Carrera 6000 is a new fully modular design flowrapper that offers complete IP65 protection, enabling full wash down capability, even of the sealing elements.

The DSA Eagle is our most versatile platform and is commonly integrated into a wide variety of automated packaging systems.

The Delta 500 is the ideal machine for packing irregular shaped products, featuring a variable cut off length according to product length. 

New open frame flow wrapper with long dwell technology to cover the widest range of pack styles including high speed zipper with MAP. 

The new Delta 6000 is a new fully modular design flowrapper that offers complete IP65 protection, enabling full wash down capability, even of the sealing elements.

ILAPAK's dedicated solution for replacing shrink bags, it's the most efficient solution to shrink and vacuum processed meat and cheese.

Strong hermetic seals, complete flexibility and rugged, ultrahygienic full stainless steel construction characterise the all new Delta 6000 BM, a system designed to allow customers to replace their more expensive pre-made bag solutions with lower cost film from a reel.

The modified atmosphere system with long dwell wrapper technology provides a versatile and automatic solution for different MAP applications

The new Delta RotaVac® system seamlessly integrates Ilapak’s Delta 6000 flow-wrapper with an innovative rotary vacuum chamber that is optimised for applications whether fresh primal meat cuts, retail, food service or cheese products.

The Ilapak Lux 24 is a revolutionary new range of innovative high speed pouch machinery with an unique dual motion system composed of an intermittent station for pouch forming and sealing and a continuous station for product filling

The Olympus wraps candies in traditional twist-wraps with an inner flow-wrap for protection against oxygen, prolonging the shelf-life of confectionery products.

Astra machines are very versatile since the product is placed on the film as it moves towards the sealing area.

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