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Counting Machines

Counting Machines

For accurate counting and batch marking of paper.

Pin-&-Blade counting technology has been used in Vacuumatic machines for many generations with a range of formats and options to suit the widest range of applications.

Smart operation with various functions realized by multiple program system

Designed following customer feedback, the Mini TCF can count smaller items from 70 x 146mm down to 20 x 54mm of same and variable thickness of up to 2mm thick with no adjustment.

With its adjustable delivery tray and ease of set up and operation, the TCF stand-alone machine is the most versatile feeder, counter and batcher on the market.

The colour touchscreen with icon-based graphics ensures that even inexperienced users can operate the machine efficiently. Options such as Airfloat tables, coupon attachments and a wide variety of Discs are available to extend the range of papers and materials that can be accurately counted.

Using disc counting technology, the Tornado can count bundles of up to 152mm stack height (typically 1000 notes), either loose, single banded or bundled, at a speed of up to 10,000 banknotes per minute and with 100% accuracy (subject to paper quality).

Depending on your application needs, you can choose the most suitable counting technology, either Pin & Blade or Disc. Options are available to enable you to customize the Super 30 for your exact requirements, which will guarantee a reliable, consistent and efficient counting process of your security material, whether paper or polymer, printed or un-printed.

The Vacuumatic Count-S 450B optical counting machine has been specifically designed to enable the accurate counting of products that are too thick or heavy to be counted mechanically. The Count-S 450B can be sold as a stand-alone unit, or can be built into a client’s flowline or manufacturing process.

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