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iCON is compact, clean, fast and easy to use; and best of all, it uses no consumables. Move on from inkjet and change to iCON. Now you can.

Standard Features

  • iCON uses no ink

This means very low costs: no consumables budget and no ink system to maintain. And furthermore no ink means no mess and a cleaner, more hygienic production environment.

  • iCON is unique

Now price is no longer a reason not to use a laser. iCON by Macsa delivers top quality performance at a competitive price.

  • iCON will go anywhere

It is small and compact so it can be installed in the most difficult locations. And because it is a laser it can code onto both stationary and moving products. An external controller can be connected if necessary.

  • iCON can be trusted

Because it is based on Macsa’s 25 years experience in laser technology it is very reliable; maintenance and repair costs are minimal.

  • No surprises

An iCON print is a permanent print which will last for the lifetime of your product. And it is consistently high quality not dotty like an inkjet; moreover it works with most substrates from labels and cartons through a range of plastics to glass, wood and textiles.

  • iCON is a sprinter

It uses high performance optics, powerful hardware and advanced, low overhead software to enable its core laser to meet the speeds of most production lines.

  • No unwanted ink deposits and no solvent emissions

iCON enables you to keep your environment clean and minimise your carbon footprint.

  • Anyone can use iCON

There is an integrated colour touch screen and the interface is intuitive with context sensitive menus which make it easy to navigate. New users learn quickly.


Sample Application

1Beverage 670x330gFood Macsag

icon20macsa20easy to use


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